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Creative MIDI Effects For Ableton Live

Access the full potential of arpeggiation and sequencing with our carefully designed Max for Live devices.

vector illustrataion of blue max for live device shapes
Meet Loom

Sequencers. Reimagined.

In the demo below, listen to the synth tracks and piano tracks (which are solo'd through the piece)

Partial Audio Sequencer Bundle

Product information


The Eden and Loom bundle – two innovative sequencers with endless possibilities that can generate texture-like MIDI note output and polyphonic rhythmic sequences.

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Our Devices

More devices coming soon!

Stay tuned as we unveil more innovative Max for Live devices, designed to enhance your creative flow.

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product image of eden


The polyrhythmic and polyphonic sequencer for Ableton Live

product image of loom.


The tempo locked rhythmic counterpart of Eden

product image of motions.


Grid-controlled sequencer with key-range based polyphony

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